Monday, March 21, 2011


Hey all,

Sorry its been so long since I wrote but Spring break was upon me and I wasn't coherent enough to post. ~wink wink~ Much of my time was spent roaming around New York City; being harassed because I am a native of New Joisey...oops, it slipped.

Guess what, people who live outside of New Jersey? We're normal, just like you.

You like to poke at us because we use long vowel sounds or we invent our own words, but we have contributed to this country in ways you'll never understand. (but I'll give it a go) Remember that guy who invented the lightbulb? Yeah, Thomas Edison set up shop in NJ. The second man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin...yup, Montclair.

Jon Bon Jovi, Chelsea Handler, and Ed Harris have been entertaining us all throughout the years; all hailing from the Garden State.

Now to that ever famous nickname...

'The Garden State'. "There's no gardens in the Garden State"; "There aren't any trees in New Jersey!" If you're from Jersey, you heard those comments through out your life. Well, guess what...If you're not driving THROUGH our state on your way from or to Philadelphia, you'd know that there are plenty of wooded areas enveloping our state.

Looking out the window on campus I can see mountains covered in greenery as far as the eye can see. I've ventured to West Virginia and I definitely can compare the rolling mountains to ours.

Yes, we are the land of a million diners. We all are pretty much 15 minutes from 5 different shopping malls. In this state you can see NYC from pretty much every hill. You can travel into NYC or Philadelphia, at the furthest point, within 2 hours. (You can't cross NY State in an hour)

And because of the aforementioned, I believe, is why people are actually jealous of New Jersey.

If you're from Jersey you know that the 'Jersey Shore' is a fictitious show about non-Jersey-ites. You know that the state is divided into three sections (North, Central, South). You know the second when you're out of Jersey because it just looks different.

To those of you outside of New Jersey: Get off the Parkway and the Turnpike, and travel along Route 23 North, or jump onto any county road...You'll see the true Garden State.

To us living in our state: We know we do it better than any other.

Be well...

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