Monday, February 28, 2011

The Academy Award Flop...

And the Oscar goes to…No one gives a shit. Yup, that’s how last nights Academy Awards were portrayed. Even through the style and grace of Anne Hathaway (mind you, that girl has pipes!) and the confusing, stoned look on James Franco’s face could not entertain me for more then two seconds. These outdated, 18 inch tall, golden men statutes are a throw back to the Golden Age of Hollywood. They have out served their purpose and are just about as creadible as a car salesman. Who won best director? I fell asleep during that part…
Sorry this is somewhat short today but I have class. Haha
Be well…

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hello everybody; I hope all is well. It’s not here at William Paterson University. Yesterday, what I saw really disturbed me. This has been brought up in debate before but I’m not so sure why this bothered me as much as it did.
Upon walking to get my fourth cup of coffee, in the Student Center, I saw about six or seven men-in-uniform standing outside the cafĂ©. When I mean uniform, I mean military recruiters. They were stopping students on their way to class to ask them if they wanted to enlist. I nearly went out of my mind. Not because I’m a screaming liberal but because I am a STUDENT at a UNIVERSITY.
I felt violated by the University for letting them on campus. I don’t care about state funding being cut off. This is an institution of higher learning. If I wanted to join the death squad of professional murderers I would’ve joined right after high school or enlist in the ROTC. Those trained killers have no right to ask the future of America to sign up and die for a worthless cause.
Just in passing I saw them hassle students; asking what their plans were after college and if they enjoyed it here. I even heard one ask a young man how he intended on paying for his education and that the military could help him out. This is wrong on so many levels.
First and foremost, you don’t kill people. Yup, you don’t kill people, not even for a profession. Second, we are here to better our lives, not join a profession where you end them.
I tell the military recruiters to stay away from my campus. You can bring your well-dressed propaganda minions to someplace other then here. However, if you must come to my university, stop by a professor teaching Ethics.
Until tomorrow…

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New Week

So, firstly, let me apologize to the three of you that follow me. It’s been about a week since my last post. Tear. And secondly, I was supposed to teach you people how to read poetry the ‘right’ way. Honestly, I’m lazy and don’t feel like it. It’s not really my responsibility to teach you how to read.
Being a fan of poetry myself, nothing pains me more than being in a creative writing class. NOTHING is more painful. For the most part this is a required course for most majors…or not. Either way, my professor set it up as a ‘collaborative’ course and with this comes the review of others’ ‘poetry’. This is the worst part of my day.
What is the point of reading sub-quality poetry, submitted by students who don’t care? Not only is the practice of reading this crap, eye ball popping horrid, it’s a waste of my time and money. If I wanted to spend $1500 on torturing myself I would’ve cashed in $15 for Kill Bill and called it a day. But no. I sit in a chair for over an hour and listen to rhyming words about boyfriends, makeup, and an influx of grammatical errors. See the correlation between this class and Facebook? I do.
Next topic… What’s up with the History and Discovery Channels?
Not once this past weekend was I able to watch something history or science related. By tuning into one of the aforementioned channels, I’d be watching men chop down trees, hicks wrestle ‘gators’, or a soap opera about building motorcycles. Someone, please explain to me the societal or educational purpose of these ‘crap-u-mentaries’. Anyone, please…I need to know. I wish they would bring back history and discovery back to their respected stations.
I’m done ranting.
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Suggested Reading:
Cinderella, by the Brothers Grimm. Seriously, read it.

Off to class…hit up my blog!
Be well.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I’m sure that there are things that bother you. If not, check your pulse you might be dead. After sitting at the University Student Center I feel as if it’s my duty to comment on some of these nuances.
            As a matter of etiquette: it’s not polite to speak so loudly that the entire building can hear you. I understand that some of us have loud voices, and by no means am I cracking on you, but please tone it down a little. Some people are so obnoxiously loud that I cannot think clearly. I am forced into eavesdropping on a conversation I could care less about. If you’re this offender, please turn it down the volume. (this goes for the people that laugh as loud as a John Deere also)
            Rude walkers- You know who you are, or not. Let me make this clear for you. Walking, just like driving, has two directions: forward and on coming. However, unlike driving, there are no yellow lines. I guess this is where I lose you people. (you gotta use your imagination) Whilst walking, you ALWAYS stay to the right except to pass. You should always leave enough room between the imaginary line and yourself so someone can pass you up. It is NOT polite to walk INTO (on coming traffic) people. It is also a faux pas to take up two ‘lanes’. If you’re slow and it’s cold out, I’ll want to pass you up…don’t take up the whole sidewalk with your bumper. Kthanks.
            Taking your child to class/work- This is just not cool. In the case of class: this is an institution of higher learning. HIGHER LEARNING. If your child is old enough, s/he should be in school. They shouldn’t be disrupting the professor during their lecture. This is rude for the professor, for your fellow students and speaks unto yourself (but I’m guessing you don’t care). I understand if you’re a single parent but day care (that’s offered AT the University at a discounted rate) isn’t that much. I’m sure you can find a willing COLLEGE STUDENT to watch your kid for a few hours a day. (the aforementioned should be applied to the workplace, unless your child has working papers)
            There are several more but I have class in five minutes. Tomorrow I will try to blog about poetry reading. For those of you who care; I can show you a simple way to read all poetry that makes it logical and how it makes sense.
            On an aside, PLEASE follow me or comment on this. Please. PLEASE! This is like an extension of my resume. The more people who read and comment, the more an employer would want to hire me! So, I’m begging you to comment and follow. My job may depend on it. If you always wanted to get back at me…well, don’t follow or comment.
Be well.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome to Today

So, today is Valentines Day. Congratulations, you've made it another year. While soaking up the rays, (it's 50 degrees here) I'm sure you're wondering what to buy your significant other. Well, good thing you're reading this because I have the best option for you.

Just say, 'I love you.' If your boyfriend/girlfriend is expecting something tangeable...find someone less materialistic.

Random Fact: Engagement rings were never used until the turn of the 20th Century. Tiffany and Co. used it as a marketing ploy that you should get your fiance a diamond. Capitalistic sucsess.

Ok...No more ripping on this Hallmark Holiday.

A few days ago I had the pleasure of seeing 'The Rite' in my local cinmea. My thoughts, you might ask? Well, for those of you that don't know, it's another exorcism flick. Anthony Hopkins plays a priest that becomes possessed by an unseen force. However, in this movie he is no Hannibal. Yet, he does have a quick senior moment when he bitch-slapps a girl no older than six. She just wanted him to bless her doll.

After a few instances of suspense and doors that close on their own, I've decided to give it a rating of two out of five. Not his best work but Hopkins always brings his 'grandfather' like feel to the screen. If you're interested in the Disney version of 'The Exorcist', this is the movie for you.

For news relating to my health:
I am now 152lbs! I'm sure all of you are so thrilled. Looking back a year ago I was a heafty 182. Blaming ankle surgery, I fessed up and admitted it to my alcohol consumption. Just by cutting out the evil juice I lost 20 pounds in two months and I'm still going strong. Running three miles a day also helps.

So I really hope I have some followers on this or I'm just typing to myself...which is similar to homework.

Suggested Reading:
Pygmalion and Galatea ( )

Comes from Ovid's Metamorphisis, it is a story about love. Pretty Ok for to class...

Be well.