Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hello everybody; I hope all is well. It’s not here at William Paterson University. Yesterday, what I saw really disturbed me. This has been brought up in debate before but I’m not so sure why this bothered me as much as it did.
Upon walking to get my fourth cup of coffee, in the Student Center, I saw about six or seven men-in-uniform standing outside the café. When I mean uniform, I mean military recruiters. They were stopping students on their way to class to ask them if they wanted to enlist. I nearly went out of my mind. Not because I’m a screaming liberal but because I am a STUDENT at a UNIVERSITY.
I felt violated by the University for letting them on campus. I don’t care about state funding being cut off. This is an institution of higher learning. If I wanted to join the death squad of professional murderers I would’ve joined right after high school or enlist in the ROTC. Those trained killers have no right to ask the future of America to sign up and die for a worthless cause.
Just in passing I saw them hassle students; asking what their plans were after college and if they enjoyed it here. I even heard one ask a young man how he intended on paying for his education and that the military could help him out. This is wrong on so many levels.
First and foremost, you don’t kill people. Yup, you don’t kill people, not even for a profession. Second, we are here to better our lives, not join a profession where you end them.
I tell the military recruiters to stay away from my campus. You can bring your well-dressed propaganda minions to someplace other then here. However, if you must come to my university, stop by a professor teaching Ethics.
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